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With over 45 years in the entertainment business as an artist, manager, agent, promoter, and producer, I have a resume that can choke a horse. With developing many acts over the years, traveling the world, I have a knack of taking a piece of clay and molding it into a masterpiece. Again, my resume speaks for itself. 

Artistic Development
Social Media Management

What I do is involve myself in the bands’ music material, stage presence, look, and future. I personally set goals for each artist in developing them to become one of the best. I have an eye and ear for new talent. Again, my resume speaks for itself. I am very picky on who I choose to represent. It takes a team effort for success. My ultimate goal is for the band to have original music to shop for a record deal. I get involved with merchandising, publicizing the band to the fullest.

My job is to get the band as much exposure as possible, for example, playing in front of large crowds at good venues, getting radio exposure and newspaper exposure, making the band available to all agents, fair and festival buyers, and promoters. With years of experience, I deal with people all over the United States of America.


I have the tools to set up bands’ websites, facebook, instagram, and twitter. I work with two of the biggest publicists in the country, in New York City, and Los Angeles. We also have a network for merchandising such as t-shirts, CD’s and all promotional material. As you can see, we are the total management company.


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